Blocknify API

Add the ability to sign documents on the Stellar Network within your web application.

As easy as one simple API, no blockchain knowledge needed.

We are an Advanced Electronic Signature provider within Switzerland (ZertES) and EU (eIDAS), as well as 21 other countries.

Add blockchain security quickly and simply

Add document signing within an iframe, modal, or redirect.

Generate documents with templates and start signing with one simple call.

Pricing is based on usage, we grow as you grow.

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Make it your own with white labeling

We allow you to add your logo, colors and send all notifications via your company email address.

Now allow your users to sign documents without leaving your application. You can add our web application into your user flow with an modal, iframe, or redirect.

All this customization while still providing a fully managed solution.

Stay secure and compliant

We are an Advanced Electronic Signature provider within Switzerland (ZertES) and EU (eIDAS). We use the blockchain to provide an audit trail of signatures and approval process. This ensures not even us can modify or delete them ensuring complete compliance.

All other blockchain signatures are a black box. Our signatures are open allowing you or your users to easily validate them at any time forever. See here for more information.

Support for you

Look around our straight forward documentation or set up a call with us.

Testing is always free.

Want to see what the user experience is like? You can see a live version here.


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