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Increase compliance, efficiency, and sales while lowering overhead

You want to lower overhead, get business done faster, ensure compliance and your customers want painless customer experience, but you need to protect your customer's privacy and data. Blocknify enables you to embrace digital processes with privacy and trust built-in.

Don't let paperwork get in the way of closing sales

Allow your customers to sign from anywhere at any time, focus on building relationships not piles of paper.

Stay secure and compliant

We are an Advanced Electronic Signature provider within Switzerland (ZertES) and EU (eIDAS). We use the blockchain to provide an audit trail of signatures and approval process. This ensures not even us can modify or delete them ensuring complete compliance.

Because documents never leave your environment, you remain in complete control of all your data at all times.

Upsale without the hassle

Allow customers to add additional services on their time without having to go into a branch.

Learn more about Blocknify and the beta launch of our extension.