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Sign a dynamically generated document

This API creates a PDF based on the inputted information. There are two ways to sign, with an iframe within a modal and with an emailed link. When you click the button below, a modal will open, and an email will be sent to the inputted email. Once both are signed, you will receive the final signed copy within your email.

Use test data
            API call example: 

                "document_name": "Test template",
                "clientDocumentID": "Your internal document id",
                "templateParameters": {
                    "template_id": 4,
                    "variables": {
                        "COMPANY1": "",
                        "NAME1": "",
                        "NAME2": "",
                        "COUNTRY": "",
                        "STATE": "",
                        "DATE1": "",
                        "DATE2": ""
                "owner_signed": false,
                "signers": [
                        "email": randomEmailForTestingIframe    ,
                        "sendInviteEmail": false
                        "email": "",
                        "sendInviteEmail": true
                "note": "This is the template document you created.",
                "apiKey": "your api key",
                "hideBackground": true,
                "sendFinalEmail": true

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