Legally sign documents with privacy and trust built-in

Don't just take our word for it! Our signatures can be self-verified against the Blockchain at any time, without needing any additional information from us.

How blocknify works

  • For Individuals

  • For Enterprises


Open document locally


Pick approval process, and input metadata.


Data is fingerprinted and sent to the Smart Contract to be processed

Use cases for customers

  • Employee onboarding
  • Vendor management
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Client onboarding

Why Blocknify?


Legally sign documents using the Blockchain with two clicks.

Why give your data away?

Sign without your document touching a server.

Privacy at its best!

Cloud collaboration without risk.

Securely send documents and monitor signature statuses.

Collaboration at its best!

About Blocknify

Immutable Records

All previous solutions require you to upload your documents in a readable format. Why?

Blockchain provides immutable signature records. Signatures and document fingerprints can never be altered or deleted, by us or anyone.

Cloudless Solution

Collect legally binding e-signatures with two clicks. Blocknify is compliant with all major e- signature laws including EU and US.

Blocknify challenges this status quo by leveraging modern technologies to give you cloud collaboration without your sensitive documents ever touching the cloud.


Centralized e-signature solutions are inherently vulnerable. Their servers where your documents are stored can be compromised by rogue employees, state sponsored hacking, hackers, and intelligence agencies..

Blocknify users are immune to these risks.

Learn more about Blocknify and the beta launch of our extension.